Monday, June 27, 2016

DHI Testing Supplies Have Arrived!

Our supplies to get started on DHI test came from Dairy One today!

The following pictures show what was included in our shipment.

The sample dipper, sample tubes, freezer packs and shipping container.

Dip Sampling must be done in a manner
that assures a representative sample from the
entire milk volume collected.

When milking twice a day you fill
half of the sample tube with the
first milking and the second half with the
second milking of the day.
If only milking once a day,
a full sample will be taken
from the single milking.

Be careful not to fill the sample tube to the very top.
There should be a little space (1/2 inch) from the top.

Samples should be kept at room temperature
and out of direct sunlight.

Samples should be shipped so that they arrive to the lab
no later than six (6) days after the test is performed.

The color of the sample tubes is random and in no way
does it matter which color tube you use.

When you ship your milk back
be sure to label the top of the sample tube
with the corresponding
sample # for that Doe.

You only send back sample tubes that contain milk,
keep your empty sample tubes for later use.

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