Monday, June 13, 2016

Dairy One Certification Exam

When we decide to go on milk test we had so many
questions, one of which was where do we send the milk?

Well you send the milk to an outside lab,
from recommendations from a few friends we decided to go
with Dairy One for our milk test lab.

So I got in touch with Dairy One,
they were very helpful and sent me the
Dairy Goat Technician Handbook
along with the Certification Exam and Instructions.

Let me just say that I feel like I am a
fairy intelligent person but
this test and handbook are so confusing.
I have reached out to others on milk test
and they have relayed to me that it's not
just me, its the handbook and the test.
Most people on milk test are milking cows
and so some of the information is geared more towards cows
so you have to get over that aspect of the test.
The other thing about the test that is frustrating is
that it seems the test was written by someone
that has been doing milk test for years so they
know the answers and the answers probably seem like common sense.
But if you  have never done milk test before, let alone seen how
things are done, the test and handbook can seem like
they are written in a completely
different language.
There are questions on the test that
the answers can not be found in the handbook.
My best advice is to reach out to someone that is on
milk test and have them help you if you find yourself
utterly confused.

The test consists of 17 questions,
mostly fill in the blank with a few true/false.
Then there is also a part where you
practice filling out the barn sheets and charts.
You are given a list of does and what is going on with
each doe and your supposed to chart each does milk weights
and any conditions affecting their record.

Another complaint I have about the test
is the size of the font on the charts.
It's really difficult to read the CARs and Status Codes
on the pages that were sent with the test.

When you send in your exam you have to send in payment
for the test which runs $20 if sent in prior to March 16th or
$25 if sent in after March 15th.
This is the prices and dates for 2016.

You have to re-test every year and
certifications expire in April each year
regardless of when you tested the year before.

For pricing with Dairy One look here

Or contact:

Kayla Turcsik: 1-800-344-2697 Ext: 2120
Kevin Henry: 1-800-344-2697 Ext: 2159

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