Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Essential Oils & Dairy Goats

I have found Essential Oils to be invaluable in the health and husbandry of our animals, in particularly our dairy goats.

I have used Essential Oils for the following ailments with our goats with great success. I want to strongly stress the importance of using therapeutic grade oils on your animals. The oils we use are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. I will list a few of the things we have treated with our oils and which oils we have used. If you want to learn more follow us on Facebook!

Fear/Anxiety                        Lavender, Peace
Mastitis                                Peppermint
Low Milk Production          Fennel
Infections Oregano             OnGuard
Hoof Care/Hoof Rot           OnGuard
Skin Parasites                     Melaleuca
Sore/Tender Udders/Teats  Lavender
Teat Wash/Dip                   Purify
Intestinal Parasites             Clove(not in pregnant/nursing animals), Oregano, Thyme,
                                           Lemon Grass, Wild Orange & Digestzen

If your interested in using your own Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils send me a message and I can tell you more or Buy Oils Here.

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