Monday, June 6, 2016

Starting Milk Test- It's So Overwhelming!!!

I am taking the next step in proving my herds worth and
starting on Milk Test DHIR.
If you haven't looked into doing DHIR let me tell you
it is so overwhelming!
ADGA does have a checklist on their website but
I am planning to write up a really complete step by step
instruction blog post once I figure it all out myself!
So far what I have is the following,
(and not in exact order either):
  • Choose a testing lab, we are going with Dairy One, based on a recommendation from a friend.
  • Decide which testing program you want to do
    • The test plans are in the ADGA guidebook starting on page 56 in the 2016 guidebook. The guidebook is on the ADGA website under publications.
    • We are going with OS 40 AR, it seems to be the easiest for most newbies and is better than OS 40 ST because if for some reason you don't make 240 days/8 tests, you can always switch to ST... But you cannot switch from ST to AR.
  • Get in touch with said lab and get a handbook
  • Take the test to become a certified tester
  • Find someone else willing to become a certified tester so they can do your verification testing
  • Buy a Scale, don't make the mistake we made and just buy any ol' scale, make sure you get one that says "Legal for Trade", otherwise it can't be certified, at least not here in Georgia.
  • Have said scale certified, we found a someone here.
  • Get your herd enrolled with ADGA DHIR program

So, that's what I have so far.
I plan to make a more complete list with detailed steps,
but I honestly don't understand what I'm doing enough
at this point to give you more than this!

If your already on milk test please let me know if I have missed anything!
If your going on milk test or thinking about it let me know
and we can learn together!

One place that has been really helpful is a Facebook group I found, DHIA Goats.

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