Monday, June 20, 2016

Does your Nigerian Dwarf Measure Up?

The Nigerian Dwarf is a Miniature Dairy Goat

They originated in West Africa and were
later developed in the United States.

According to the ADGA Guidebook
The Balanced Proportions of the Nigerian Dwarf
give it the appearance of the larger dairy breeds of dairy goats.
Does should stand no more than 22.5" and Bucks no more than 23.5".

Anything over is considered a Disqualification.

We have recently started Milk Test and measuring
our does is part of the testing process.
ADGA does not have an official
measuring device so we found
one for miniature horses
and it meets the requirements of ADGA.

Heights are also routinely checked at:
Official shows (as required by the judge)
Linear Appraisal (all)
DHIA milk test
One Day Milking Competitions

If a Nigerian Dwarf exceeds the maximum height at any age they are:
Disqualified from shows
Cannot score Excellent in General Appearance in Linear Appraisal
Cannot be ranked in Top Ten for production

The only way to keep these great little goats
a miniature breed is to only use
those goats that are within
the height limit in your breeding program.

You can check the height of
goats your interested in
by checking out their linear appraisal score
if available, it is found under Stature.

This can be found on Pg. 12 of the LA SOP
The conversion is as follows:
20 linear equals 20". 
 Plus/minus 5 points for every inch. 
 A 25 stature is 21". 
 A 30 is 22". 
 A 15 is 19".

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