Monday, June 13, 2016

Milk Test Scale & Certification

When you start on the milk test journey you will find
very soon that you must have a scale to weigh your milk on.
We made the mistake early on in thinking
that any ol' scale would do.
Unfortunately not.
The first scale we bought off of Amazon was a hanging scale
but when our scale certifier came out to certify the scale
for us he said he couldn't because it didn't meet NTEP requirements for certification.
So he pointed out several scales that would meet the requirements and we
finally settled on this scale by Torrey.
The most important thing to look for when
purchasing your scale is that it is a
Legal for Trade Scale.


Once you settle on the scale you want and get it in,
you need to have it certified.
If you are in Georgia you can reach out to the
Georgia Department of Agriculture

We originally spoke with
Jason Hitchcock Tele: 404-656-3605
Fax: 404-656-9648

He then put us in touch with
Mike Tanner

You will need to have your scale certified annually.

You must also have your scale certified prior to sending in your
testing materials to start the milk testing process.
You will provide proof of certification with your test.

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