Sunday, February 19, 2017

Looking Forward to 2017!

Our 2016 Kidding season is complete and we are so happy with the quality of kids we produced this year. We are so excited for 2017! We have retained 6 doe kids and we are looking forward to seeing them grow and mature.

Our 8 mature does are on milk test and we are looking forward to them earning their milk stars. 

We are adding another buck, Parrish Farms Royal Flush *B*S, to help continue to improve our herd.  He will be coming from Parrish Farms, out of ARMCH/GCH Pelican Acres LPD Fern *D*M AR VEEE FS90 LA 2016 (Pictured Below) and Rosasharn CB Prince Caspian *B. (Photos courtesy of Parrish Farms)

We have added another KuneKune gilt to our little piggy herd. She is out of the rare Tutanekai lines and we are excited to see what she will bring to our pig herd. We will have our first litters of KuneKune this year. We will also be processing our first KuneKune this year as well!

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