Our Nigerian Dwarves

Our new milking goats for my 
homegrown, hand crafted soaps!
They are Nigerian Dwarves and I got them
from Holden Creek Farms in North Georgia.
They are such sweet girls and we can't
wait to start using their milk in our 
hand crafted soaps!
And the little man loves them already too!

This is Hazel, she is such a sweet little girl. 

 This is Lori, she is also a very sweet girl and the matriarch of our little herd. She is the momma to Whipper.

 This is Whipper, she has the most beautiful coloring to me. I love this little girl. Her momma is Lori.

Both of the young girls, Hazel and Whipper, are daughters of Titian. We do not own Titian, he is owned by Holden Creek Farms, where we bought our girls. Photo of Titian courtesy of Holden Creek Farms.

This is Dragonfly T Almandine AKA Mandy, she is also owned by Holden Creek Farms, she is the mother of Hazel.

Photo of Mandy courtesy of Holden Creek Farms.

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