Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Our Visit to Cumberland Island Georgia

Cumberland Island is one of the largest undeveloped barrier islands along the Atlantic coast. 
The island has one of the largest maritime forests remaining in the United States and one of the largest wilderness areas in a National Seashore on the east coast.

It has always been a dream of mine to visit Cumberland Island.
Since I was a child I have loved and been fascinated by horses.
Cumberland Island is home to several small herds of feral horses.
I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived on the island 
by ferry to find that the horses were very easy to locate.
My dream was to see the horses on the island
and I was worried they would be few and far between,
or that great distances would need to be covered to
even spot a single pony. 
I can now cross one more thing off of my bucket list
because not only did I get to visit this beautiful,
glance-into-the-past island, 
I got to see and photograph the beautiful
ponies that were the inspiration for this trip.