Fresh Eggs For Sale

Fresh Eggs For Sale

We have fresh eggs for sale most of the year.

Our hens are allowed to free graze every day,
they get to eat fresh grass and other greens. 
They have clean fresh water available at all times.
They are never caged or force fed. 
We feed quality feeds, without any weird additives.
No steroids or antibiotics in our girls.
Our girls do get locked in their large, open air coop at
night to protect them from predators.
Or they are housed in a chicken tractor,
which gets moved to a new location as they eat the grass.

We get eggs of varying shades of brown,
from nearly white to a dark brown color.
Most of the eggs are medium to large in size,
but occasionally we get a whopper.

We collect our eggs daily, and they are refrigerated.
We only wash eggs if necessary, so your eggs
may not appear as prestine as what you are used to buying
in the grocery store, but they will last longer.

These are actual photos of our eggs.

We sell our eggs off the farm,
you must come to us to purchase our eggs.
They are $2.50/dozen


To prevent illness from bacteria
keep eggs refrigerated,
cook eggs until yolks are firm,
and cook foods containing eggs thoroughly.

All Images © 2011-2013 Lisa Vaughn
All Rights Reserved

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