Monday, April 15, 2013

Updated Photos on My Serama!

I finally had some time to get some updated pictures of
the birds I have this year. 
These are the birds my hatching eggs come from,
so if you are interested in getting eggs from me
these are the birds they all come from.
I really don't have that many birds,
only 16 actually!
The birds photographed are done so according to 
the pen they come from, 
so the birds are pictured with their mates.
I try to write which pen the eggs came out of
so if you get eggs with letters on them
you will know who the parents are.
The pens are labeled alphabetically.

Pen D Birds:

Pen C Birds:

Pen B Birds:

Pen A Birds:

I hope you enjoyed checking out my birds!
Happy hatching and have a great year!


  1. How soon could I receive them?

    Is shipping included in price?

  2. Can you check his shipping included in the price and how soon can you ship