Friday, April 19, 2013

Our Ameraucana

I think I am slowly going to be phasing out 
my Buff Orpingtons, unless I have a lot
of continued interest in them.
I really love the breed but I can't have many
different breeds as I want to continue
to allow my birds to free range
completely during the day.
So I may decide to just get rid of 
all of my Buff roosters and keep
a few hens around for the eggs. 
What I am moving toward are
the Ameraucana.
I really love the color choices in this breed.
I am a sucker for blue birds and I can have
my blue birds with the Ameraucana,
and I can also have blue eggs!
Right now I have a few lavender and I am 
hatching out and have a few growing out in the brooder of 
the Blue Wheaten and Wheaten Ameraucana.
I really love the colors on these birds.

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  1. the top photo has been on my Pinterest board for quite some time! I do not yet have chickens but when I do I really want this breed! Any info you can share including cold hardiness would be great as I live in Pennsylvania. Thank you in advance!