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Breeding Lori

Breeding my girl Lori

I dropped my girl Lori off to be bred at Painted Zia Stables this past Saturday, Dec. 29, 2012. I was so excited. I can't wait till we have some cute little kids of our own here at the farm. The stud I am using comes from some great lines over at Madisons Meadow. Some greats in the pedigree include CH Woodhaven Farms Cowboy Cadilak, sire of the first ever ADGA Nationals Reserve Junior Champ Nigerian Dwarf Doe (2010), LTE Camellia. I am very excited about this breeding and really hope to get a doe from this cross. I may or may not have kids available for sale from this breeding.  I hope to retain just 1 doe and any other kids should be available for purchase. Please contact me if you are interested in acquiring a kid from this breeding.

MCH/PGCH Flat Rocks Opal *D

CH Woodhaven Farms Cowboy Cadilak
                                    Woodhaven Farms Texas Twister
Madison's Meadow Chrysanthemum
Little Tots Estate Loropetalum

CH/MCH Kaapio Acres Hot Habanero
(a WHF Bently Hotwing son & Cadilak grandson)
Kaapio Acres HH Red HOT Poker
Rosaharn GX Cinnamon D
You can view Lori’s pedigree on our main goat page.

Milk Production Awards (the pluses and stars)
Since Nigerian Dwarves are dairy goats, perhaps the best place to start understanding the pedigree is with the *M (ADGA) or *D(AGS) designations.  This indicates that a doe has been tested for milking ability, and has successfully passed the required levels.  There are many details associated with earning the star milking designations; however, stars in the pedigree are a good indicator that the goat has potential for good milk production.  The star and plus designations are always listed after the goat’s name.   
Goats can also earn stars based on their progeny; and this is obviously the only way a buck earns production awards.  For AGS, the rules are as follows:
For a *D (star doe), the doe has met the minimum standards for milk production or she has three *D daughters, or two +S sons, or two *D daughters and one +S son.
A 2*D (two star doe) is the daughter of a star doe, and has also met the minimum standards for milk production.  The number preceding the star indicates the number of consecutive generations of qualifying does.   
A *S (star sire) has a *D dam and has a +S sire or sire with a *D dam.
A +S (plus sire) has at least three *D daughters (from three different does), or has two +S sons, or has two *D daughters and one +S son.
A ++S (two plus sire) has at least three *D daughters (from three different does), and at least two +S sons.
A ++*S (two plus star sire) has at least three *D daughters and two +S, and a *D dam
In the ADGA registry, the D’s change to M’s, the S’s change to B’s; and there are small differences in the requirements. 
Titles (CH, MCH, GCH, ARMCH)
Goats are awarded titles for show wins, and MCH is the title for a Master Champion in AGS while CH is a Champion in ADGA.  To reach Champion status a goat must win three shows as champion under at least two different judges.  If a goat has achieved Champion status and also has production awards (the pluses and stars), then the goat becomes a Permanent Grand Champion which is denoted by ARMCH for AGS and GCH for ADGA.  These designations are placed in front of the goat’s name. If animals have multiple titles (MCH/CH), then they have completed wins at shows for both registries.
SG indicates that a doe or buck is in the top 15% of the production index for that breed, and if they also have Permanent Grand Champion status, the title becomes SGCH.

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